How do I decide what product to use?

Our Humic Compost is used to amend soil by mixing in to the top 6 to 12 inches prior to planting. It can also be used to lightly amend backfill when planting trees.

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Our mulch products are used after planting to conserve water, control weeds and erosion and give a uniform look to your landscape.

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If you need help deciding what product to use, please call us at 760-295-6255 and one of our friendly sales members will assist you!



How much compost or mulch do I need for my project?

Humic Compost is used at the rate of 3-6 yards per 1000 square feet. Mulch is used at the rate of 6 to 19 yards per 1000 square feet.

3 yards of compost will cover 1000 square feet about 1 inch thick. Once you know how thick you want to apply the mulch and the square feet of the area you want to apply it on you can use this link to calculate how much is needed for your project.

Click here to download the yardage calculator in Excel format.

How often should mulch be replenished?

When bare soil starts to show or you just want to ‘freshen up’ the look.

Should I put down plastic sheeting or weed barrier down under the mulch?

Plastic sheeting is not recommended, but natural material weed barriers can be used prior to applying mulch. 

Will using compost and mulch produced from curbside greenwaste spread weeds or diseases to my yard?

Our compost has undergone a state mandated “Process to Further Reduce Pathogens.” This is a heating and turning process that is designed to kill weed seeds, pathogens and insects.

Do you deliver your products?

Yes, please check out our delivery information. We usually need 2 to 3 day notice for delivery.

For more information, visit our Delivery Services page.

What hours are the El Corazon Compost Facility open?

7:30pm to 5:00pm Monday through Friday and 8 to 4 on Saturday. We are closed on Sunday. Loading of trucks stops ½ hour before the facility closes.

Do you accept other recyclable items (cans, bottles, batteries)?

No, please call your local waste hauler for this information.

Are children or pets welcome at the facility?

Children under the age of 16 and pets must stay in your vehicle.

How do I know when you are offering workshops or specials for Oceanside residents?

Like us on Facebook or sign up for notices to be emailed to you by visiting our  page.