Product Summary


Composted soil amendments are used to improve and maintain the health of your soil and plants. Our composting process includes a pathogen reduction process to kill weed seeds, harmful pests and pathogens. The final composted products contain beneficial microbes and nutrients that are slowly released into the soil for plant absorption.

Product Description
Humic Compost Composted Amendment, 1/2” Screened
Custom Amendments Blended for Specific Needs

Soil Products

Soil Products are used to raise soil levels, fill planter beds or replace poor soil. Our base soil is tested for agronomic suitability and texture.

Product Description
Non-amended Topsoil Sandy Loam Textured Soil
70/30 Topsoil 70% Sandy Loam Textured Soil,  30% Humic Compost
Bioswale 50 50% Sand, 25% Topsoil, 25% Compost
Bioswale 65 65% Sand, 20% Topsoil, 15% Compost


Mulch Products

Mulch is used as groundcover to reduce water evaporation, erosion and weed seed germination. Mulch breaks down over time increasing the organic matter in soil. This process improves soil tilth, which improves water infiltration, increases the soil’s water holding capacity, and creates a nutrient reservoir. Three feedstocks are used to produce our products: Composted organics, brush and tree wood and construction wood.

Product Description
Orchard Mulch Composted, Coarse, Some Pieces Larger Than 3″, Agricultural Quality, Some Foreign Material
Ag Grind Mulch 2″ minus, Composted, Agricultural Quality, Some Foreign Material

Forest Mulch

Brush and tree wood is used to make our Forest Mulch products. These feedstocks provide organic matter, hold well on slopes and can withstand high winds. Forest mulch products are a medium brown color, which helps camouflage plant litter.

Product Description
Forest Fines 1 ½” minus, Ground Brush and Tree Trimmings
Forest Mulch 3″ minus, Ground Brush and Tree Trimmings
Mission Mulch 3″ –  ½” minus, Ground Brush and Tree Trimmings


Wood Mulch

Our Wood Mulch products, produced from clean construction wood, are a light brown color and breakdown slowly. These products are often used as long lasting material in pathways or as mulch for plants with low nitrogen requirements.

Product Description
Bedding Mulch 1” Minus, Ground Wood
Trail Mulch 2” Minus, Ground Wood
Landscape Mulch 3” Minus, Ground Wood


Blended Mulch

Our Blended Mulch products are produced from our wood based Forest Fines Mulch to provide a longer lasting product. Use these products to match your aesthetic needs.

Product Description
Everbloom Mulch 2″ Minus, Composted, Landscape Quality
Country Club Blend Mulch 2″ minus, Composted, Agricultural Quality, Some Foreign Material
Liberty Blend Mulch 2″ Minus, Composted, Landscape Quality

Landscape Products

Product Description
Cobblestone 6″ minus, Landscape Quality