Delivery Services

Load Size Estimates

Volume per truckload is determined by the truck size and weight of the material. Product moisture content can vary due to weather conditions.
*Load sizes are only estimates.

Amendment and Soils Roll Off Truck (Cubic Yards*) Walking Floor (Cubic Yards*)
Humic Compost 20-25 40-50
Top Soil 70/30 or Class A Soil 13 N/A
BioSwale Soil 9 N/A


Mulch and Groundcovers Roll Off Truck (Cubic Yards*) Walking Floor (Cubic Yards*)
Forest Fines 40 80-85
Forest Mulch 40 80-85
Ag Grind Mulch 30 60
Orchard Mulch 37 70
Bedding Mulch 40 80-85
Trail Mulch  40 80-85
Landscape Mulch 40 80-85
Everbloom Mulch 30 60
Country Club Blend 35 70


Truck Measurements

Dimensions Agri Service Roll Off
Length 36 feet
Width 10 feet
Height 13 feet
Water Level Capacity 36 cubic yards

Dimensions Regular Walking Floor Truck
Length 60 feet
Width 8 feet 6 inches
Height 13 feet
Water Level Capacity 125 cubic yards

Delivery Requirements

  • For shipping prices, please call for quote based on delivery location.
  • Deliveries require 2-3 days advance notice.
  • Our driver will have you sign a waiver of damage prior to unloading.
  • We require 35 feet of flat area for delivery.
  • Delivery area must be accessible when driver arrives.
    Excessive Waiting Charge: Waiting times that exceed 20 minutes are subject to a waiting charge of $2.43 per minute. Time begins when the driver arrives at the delivery location.
  • The drop-site must be in a level area. Our drivers are unable to drop material on sloped surfaces. 
  • Composted products (Humic Compost, Orchard Mulch, Everbloom, Ag Grind) may stain surfaces. We recommend putting down a tarp to avoid difficult cleanup.