SB-1383 Procurement Hub

High-Quality, Local Solutions For Jurisdictional Compliance

SB-1383 Compliant Material (SBCM)

Agri Service is committed to providing local solutions for jurisdictional SB-1383 procurement goals. Our SBCM lineup offers jurisdictions multiple products to meet a variety of applications. Whether cities and counties are looking to develop and maintain public spaces with landscape quality mulch and amendments, or they are focused on supporting their local agricultural communities, our skilled team can guarantee high-quality, consistent organics that will help jurisdictions meet their procurement goals.

Product Description Pricing per Ton
SBCM- Humic Compost Composted Amendment, 1/2” Screened $24
SBCM- Orchard Mulch Composted, Course, Some Pieces Larger Than 3″, Agricultural Grade $18
SBCM- Ag Grind Mulch Composted, 3″ minus, Agricultural Grade $12
SBCM- Everbloom Mulch Composted, 2″ minus, Landscape Grade $36
SBCM- Country Club Blend of Ground Brush and Composted Material, 2″ Minus, Landscape Quality $45