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Nutrient Availability | Download PDF

Nutrient Deficiencies | Download PDF

Mary’ Seed Starting Mix | Download PDF

The Gardner’s Corner – Compost Tea | Download PDF

The Gardner’s Corner – Composting Worms: Care and Feeding | Download PDF

Home Grown Handout April 2012 – Building a Garden Bed | Download PDF

Diane’s Favorite Resources | Download PDF

Making Pits of Fertility | Download PDF

Slime Molds: Landscape Oddities | Download PDF

Crop Rotation: Garden Organic’s Student and Teacher Guide | Download PDF

Vegetable Seed Planting Guide for Coastal San Diego County | Download PDF

Residental Soil Sampling Instructions | Download PDF

Oceans Safe Nutrient Mixes | Download PDF

Home Grown Recipes for a Fall Garden |  Download PDF

Understanding Soil Texture by Feel |  Download PDF

Home Grown Soil Workshop Handout |  Download PDF

Berkeley Farmers Market Tips for Storing Produce | Download PDF