El Corazon Compost Facility Background

Recognizing that traditional methods of green waste disposal such as open burning or landfilling are both inefficient and environmentally unsound, the City of Oceanside partnered with Agri Service, Inc. in 1995 to develop an innovative public-private recycling program. This novel program set out to put incoming organic material to good use at fees below those of landfills. The result? Oceanside’s El Corazon Compost Facility, a landmark green waste compost facility authorized by the CalRecycle, a division of the California Department of Natural Resources.

At the El Corazon Compost Facility, we are dedicated to serving the environment from regional to individual levels by reducing landfill waste, creating beneficial soil amendments, and sharing the most up-to-date industry standards with our customers and the community.

Since its inception, the compost facility has processed over 1 million tons of green waste into high quality soil amendments, mulch and potting mixes. The facility’s success at matching incoming flow with outgoing sales of mulch and soil amendment products is renowned and ample evidence of how public-private partnerships can succeed at scale. Educational and community outreach programs as well as active industry involvement and job creation are further high points of the overall project.